The Big Apple and the Winter Wallop | NYC in December 2009

We visited NYC for approximately 36 hours, but still managed to sleep there for two nights. The city was a whirlwind, but it really did seem almost magical at Christmastime. I’ve never felt another place so intensely Christmasey. I mean, it almost makes a girl believe in Santa Clause.

Jordan’s sister, Leah, met us in DC and joined us for the trip. The trip to NYC went smoothly. Once there, it was frigid, but then the snow fell. Central Park was beautifully dusted with snow. And then the snow kept falling. And falling. And falling. And then they called in the winter wallop. And our bus home was canceled. That’d be fine if the hotels weren’t so expensive in Manhattan. We finally weaseled our way onto another bus and made it back to DC really late into the night. Knowing what I know now about the weather, I still wouldn’t change a thing. πŸ™‚ Except for maybe seeing a different show….haha. More on that in a bit.

NewYork_JC 202

We checked into the Gershwin Hotel in Midtown. Nice place, really. We loved everything except that the hot water was a little touchy.

NYCLeah 112

NYCLeah 082

NYCLeah 117

We immediately got to work looking at Christmas lights and window displays.

NYCLeah 094

NYCLeah 189

NewYork_JC 144

NYCLeah 192

NewYork_JC 036

NewYork_JC 031

NewYork_JC 139

We also sought out some nourishment along the way.

NewYork_JC 028

NewYork_JC 023

NewYork_JC 022

NYCLeah 089

We caught a Cirque du Soleil Winter-themed show. It was…trippy…weird…maybe meant for children only? We still had a good time, but definitely would have splurged for something else had we known.

NYCLeah 104

NYCLeah 105

After the show, we made a stop for some New York style cheesecake and went out for a drink.

NewYork_JC 196

These two are the cutest brother-sister pair known to man.

NewYork_JC 164

The next day was spent wandering in Central Park, getting lost in Christmas markets, and visiting Grand Central Station, its markets, and a museum. There was also a bagel or two and diner coffee involved. We decided to hit up one museum, but limit ourselves to just the one. We opted for the Natural History Museum because even though we’re adults, we simply couldn’t resist the idea of huge dinosaur skeletons and enormous whale replicas.We loved the origami animal Christmas tree.

NYCLeah 132

NYCLeah 126

NYCLeah 165

NYCLeah 164

NYCLeah 179

NewYork_JC 125

NewYork_JC 124

We had our first ever cannoli (that’s already plural!). Delicious.

NewYork_JC 122

NewYork_JC 107

NewYork_JC 045

NewYork_JC 047

NewYork_JC 101

NewYork_JC 097

NewYork_JC 095

NYCLeah 144

NewYork_JC 091

NYCLeah 297

NewYork_JC 224

NewYork_JC 223

NYCLeah 207

NYCLeah 203

NYCLeah 250

NYCLeah 260

NewYork_JC 179

NewYork_JC 176

The night’s Little Italy trip was delightful. The pizza at Lombardi’s didn’t disappoint. Maybe it was the snow falling down outside the window, the fact that it was our first time in NYC, or the fact that we were reunited with Leah. Or maybe the savoir-faire of the pizza makers…but it was delicious. Awesome meal.

NYCLeah 227

NYCLeah 226

The next day was mostly breakfast, trying to catch our bus, realizing it was canceled, finding a new one, and eating at an overpriced diner near Madison Square Gardens.

NewYork_JC 021

NYCLeah 230

NYCLeah 228

NYCLeah 088

When it’s your first time in NYC and you’ve only got 36 hours, time flies. We’ve got to go back. It was overwhelming, crazy cold, and everything we thought it would be.