Naan-Sense | Indian Cooking at Home

In case you are interested in catching up on this weekend’s posts, I have been eating Thai food, snapping holiday photos, snapping more photos, and eating treats.

Last night, we resisted the urge to eat out again.  It is always much easier to resist after the Sunday afternoon grocery run.  It has been a good while since we made our own naan, but we had Indian food on the brain.  We always use this simple naan recipe as a guide for making our own.  However, we use much more garlic (double the amount) and less of the sugar.

It’s an ingredient list of basics, which you probably have on hand anyway.  I always need the standard ingredients, plus one husband for flattening the dough balls.

Yes, he’s intense on that computer.  Unlike the naan process, which is not too intense actually.  Thank goodness, because I knead the naan process to be easy. (It’s a habit now).

While the dough was rising, we got to work on our channa masala.  It’s heavy on the spices.  Cumin, coriander, garam masala, ginger, a diced habanero, and tumeric.  Not for the faint of heart.

Naan making is a family affair, as I said:


With good results:

And naturally, when it was all done, I set up a photo shoot for my food with the blog in mind.  The channa masala is garnished with plain Greek yogurt (to tame the heat) and cilantro.  Angle 1:

Angle 2:  Work it, naan, work it.

Happy Monday, everyone.  That’s right, it will be a good Monday.  I have heard that good Mondays exist, though they are rare 🙂

Thunderbird Inn Review | Savannah Georgia

So, believe me, I am so aware that you are over Savannah.  But I’ve got just one more thing I want to post about our trip.  I would like to give a shout out to our accommodations: the Thunderbird Inn.

Its slogan is “The Hippest Hotel in Savannah,” and I’m guessing it’s probably true.  I made sure to wear skinny jeans and let that bang sweep take over in an effort to fit in with the hipsters. 🙂

We arrived in Savannah on Thanksgiving Day, knowing very little about the city, to be quite frank.  We were greeted by a friendly and very helpful employee–Bobby, I believe.  He provided a list of restaurants that were open, described which we might prefer, and provided a map with directions on how to best get to our restaurants of choice.

There was complimentary, quality coffee in the lobby, with some seasonal treats to go with it.

Our room was just above the lobby, which meant we were able to hear the Oldies being played during the afternoon.  (Music was never loud in our room at night, and in fact, for the area we were in, the room was very quiet).

The room was nothing fancy.  But very-well cleaned.  I don’t need frills.  I need clean.  There was no hair in the drain, the sheets were spotless, etc.  We had some special toiletries and some complimentary coffee in the room as well.  I do always take the complimentary shampoo/conditioner on the road with me, and I loved that they had their own bottles.  You can keep the mugs, too, if you want…but for a price.  And I’m cheap.

The bed came with more than enough pillows (like all hotel beds). Neat headboard and retro lamp as well.

The only issue with our room was that the cable was out.  This was not much of a bother for us, since we came to see Savannah and not for the cable television.  That being said, we did alert the staff member working at the time (not the helpful Bobby from above), and she did not seem overly concerned to help us.  That’s okay…the wireless was free (ask for password at the reception desk).

Though I definitely do not support eating doughnuts every day, I did like the low-key breakfast offerings.  I get so bored with those horrible scrambled eggs and sausage patties that so many places offer.  Krispy Kreme, good coffee, decent OJ, tea, and oatmeal.  If only there had been apples and nanners.

The location for the Thunderbird Inn served as a spectacular jumping-off point for exploring Savannah’s Historic District.  Sure, you’ve got the Greyhound Bus Station nearby, but you are a block and a half from the Historic District.  The block seemed well-lit, and I never felt unsafe.  Quick walk to the good stuff, and at a very reasonable price.  We went with a double bed (no king size necessary…save money!) and paid a great price (Which happened to be covered by our credit card reward points, making it even better!).

Would I recommend this place?  You bet!  Would I stay here again?  Wouldn’t hesitate.  More importantly, was it hip?  I would say yes.  Next time, though, I’d take that sock monkey mascot of theirs out on an adventure so that I could post a guest post on the Inn’s blog 🙂