Fall Photo Fun

We went hiking yesterday in Mont Tremblant National Park, which is about an hour and 45 minute drive from downtown Montreal.  Photos seldom do nature justice, but I’ll still be posting more soon.

I’m a sucker for fall colors and love playing with shutter speed.



Lord of the Rings French Vocab List

Good morning all!

Coming off of The Hobbit, I’ve been reading The Fellowship of the Ring. And we watched the movie at home.

Also, I’ve started making somewhat ridiculous vocab lists lately.  It’s necessary though!  You try explaining what you’re reading about to your conversation partners without making up vocab lists beforehand. I actually googled “Lord of the Rings French Vocab” thinking someone would have done this already, but instead I had to try and translate the LoR French wikipedia site.

So without further adieu….

Lord of the Rings French Vocab List

1.Frodon Saquet=Frodo Baggins.  Sac=bag, so I found this to be hilarious

2. le hobbit= the hobbit (easy enough, right?)

3. la colline=the hill

4. le trou=the hole

5. l’anniversaire=the birthday

6. le neveu=the nephew

7. le voyage=the journey

8. le jardinier=the gardener

9. le magique=the magic

10. les Cavaliers Noirs=the Black Riders

11. le petit déjeuner=breakfast (In Canada, they just say déjeuner for breakfast)

12. le deuxième petit déjeuner=2nd breakfast!

13. le Vieille Forêt=The Old Forest

14. la communauté=the fellowship

15. l’anneau=the ring

16. le retour du roi=the return of the King

17. le magicien=the wizard

18. la Comté=the Shire

19. Terre du Milieu=Middle Earth

20. échapper=to escape

21. le seigneur= the lord

22. le roman= the novel

23. les deux tours=the two towers

24. un trilogie=a trilogy

25. l’elfe=the elf


Okay, 25 is enough!  That is enough vocab to let someone know what you’re reading.  I found some of the name changes in the French version to be amusing.  I actually really like putting together vocab lists in preparation for telling people about something.  It makes much more sense than trying to remember sixteen new verbs that I may not need for another two months when winter sports are an topic of discussion or the election rolls around, etc.

Anyone have other words they think should be added to the list?

Bonne fin de semaine!

Montreal’s Olympic S8 Park

Our internet is back!  I haven’t been up to much while waiting around for the internet repair tech.  I’ve nursed a bit of a cold, finally read The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, met Jordan for an on-campus picnic, and headed out to meet a conversation partner.  But mostly, I longed to not be waiting for the Bell Internet repair tech.

Still, while walking on our way elsewhere, we passed the 1976 Olympic Stadium.

It’s hard to pass up a mock-podium and not climb your way to the gold. I couldn’t resist the lure of the mock-gold, anyway.


It was pretty quiet around the stadium, aside from the other geeks waiting to take their photos on a podium.  The most activity we saw were the skaters.

I couldn’t help but think of the financial costs/benefits for a city when it hosts the Olympic Games.  A lot of money for an Olympic-sized skate park, right? CBC has this to say when discussing pros and cons of hosting the Olympics:

“Montreal’s 1976 Games are the most notorious example of the potential for Olympic-caused economic disaster. The city’s subsequent $1.6 billion debt wasn’t fully paid off until 2006 and the centerpiece Olympic Stadium has been plagued by problems throughout its history. It has been without a regular tenant since Major League Baseball’s Expos relocated to Washington D.C. in 2004.”

Click here for the full article if interested.

To be fair, it was Sunday evening when we passed.  And the city is creative enough with using the park.  The stadium still offers tours, has an observation tower, and holds large concerts as well (I missed Marc Anthony last week!).  I plan to visit again on October’s First Friday.  The First Friday here is nothing like Knoxville’s.  No paintings or sculptures on display, just cheap eats.  The Olympic Park serves as a gathering place for the city’s best food truck vendors.  It’s going to be great if I remember to go!



juliette & chocolat

I don’t think juliette & chocolat needs much introduction for those in Montreal.  Or for anyone who saw yesterday’s photo. This glorious little chocolate stop is just as you would imagine it.  Adorable, hip (but not annoyingly so), and indulgent.  Try anything with fleur de sel and/or caffeine.

Juliette et Chocolat on Urbanspoon

Our server was friendly and prompt; we experienced none of the issues with service mentioned in other u.s. reviews.  Between the quality of product, level of service, and level of photograph-ability, I’d say it’s worth an afternoon stop.

Jordan believes it’s the “best brownie of his life.”

I’m willing to bet Jordan can be talked into a return trip soon.



Bon week-end!

Sunday Snapshot here. I am a bit late on wishing you a good weekend (ou week-end).

But still, I hope you’re enjoying it and staying sufficiently caffeinated.

Garden of Lights: Jardin Botanique

En fin!  Les lanternes!

Last night I tried to talk about the “Garden of Lights” to my conversation exchange partner.  I struggled to find words in French to say how I enjoyed it.  I think I basically said “C’est tres belle.”  Ha.  Not too descriptive.  Still, I struggle to describe it in English.  I wasn’t sure how to feel about the lantern displays at first.  Children squealed with delight (I overheard a “Mom! Everything’s soooo beautiful” coming from a twirling little girl with an ear-to-ear grin); many adults, like me, snapped away with their cameras.  There was something cheesy about it, but really beautiful.  It was almost gaudy, yet almost magical.  By the end of the visit, I was won over. If When you come to visit next September or October, I’ll go with you.

I used to think of lanterns like the following.

The traditional lanterns were pretty.  But my definition of lantern has definitely expanded.  There were pandas, birds, tigers, warriors, horses, carriages, etc.

I have a hunch that the Chinese Gardens are a great visit even without the lanterns.  The structures and landscaping are quite intriguing.  But as you’ll see, the lanterns complemented both.  The large lanterns seemed to dance across the pond, even without any real movement.

I did almost knock that man-sized lantern over when squeezing between his arms.  I’m not sure they recommend embracing their lanterns.




Favorites, anyone? 


(À demain. Or see you tomorrow).