Coffee Tour of Montreal

Who says reading blogs is a waste of time? Well, obviously not this girl. Certainly, there are other ways of communication, but I happen to love this form. Without it, I wouldn’t know about the Indie Coffee Passport program happening in Montreal until October. I also frequently reference the Will Travel for Food Montreal Coffees Map at least once or twice a month.


Over the last three weeks (since I purchased my passport), I’ve been only concentrating of participating cafés. I just love that I feel no guilt (pocketbook guilt, anyway…diet is a different story) when opting for a latte instead of opting for that usual filtered coffee. I’ve been fond of many of the new places that we’ve tried (out of the 18 participating cafés, I’d only been to two of them before), and I’m equally as excited to try the remaining ten.

montreal coffee passport

My all-star so far has been Chez Boris, where the on-order doughnuts cost a mere 80 cents each, and the coffee drinks are reasonably priced (which will matter much more after the passport program is over).

chez boris doughnuts

Now, you understand why I can’t stop blogging and talking about coffee lately, right?


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