The Most Helpful General Language Learning Blogs

I might spend more time than most browsing blogs on a daily basis. Blogs of all kinds. Thank God for RSS and Feedly, right?

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But they can be so darn helpful. Blogs taught me how to cook, blogs have inspired me to dabble in yoga, run a half-marathon, and I’ve even made friends thanks to them. Through my efforts to learn a second language, I stumbled across oodles of language learning blogs. Many are focused specifically on one language, and can be of great help, but there’s also a world of blogs that are meant to encourage and inspire you to learn any language at all. Whenever I feel like giving up or feel stuck, I take a stroll around the Interwebs to gain some new perspective. These are the blogs have helped me along the way.

  • Everyday Language Learner: This blog is my personal favorite, although the posts have seemed to slow lately. (It might be my favorite because the blogger comes to us from good ol’ SoDak!) There is a concise emphasis on learning your target language, not becoming an all-knowing polyglot. He provides very practical and pragmatic information.
  • A Polyglot Dream: Luca, a polyglot, learned languages without necessarily being taught and uses his blog to focus on learning languages instead of traditional teaching methods. There are great articles about how to choose which accent to mimic, how Quebec French is different from standard French,  stories from guest posters on how they’ve learned a language, etc. This is my number 2 fave.
  • Fluent in 3 months: This is probably the most popular among language learning blogs of this niche. Benny speaks something like 8 languages at a conversational level, has spent the last ten years traveling, and just released a book. I have to be honest, in the beginning, the author of this blog got on my nerves a bit. He’s can be a bit blunt; some might say too much so.  And while I wish I would have achieved fluency in three months of study, it didn’t happen for me. Still, he writes/creates some really inspiring and spot-on content as far as language learning is concerned. Of the suck-it-up kind. The guest bloggers he invites also post great reads.
  • Speaking Fluently: Hyperpolyglot/language consultant sharing tips, videos, and generally inspiring stories, while not making you feel bad for being where you are at. I like his focus (which comes across as very sincere) on using a foreign language for opportunities, not for coming across as flashy and impressive. (Trust me, it doesn’t make me feel impressive most of the time…usually humbled!)

As usual, I know there are many other blogs out there that I’m missing. If you happen to know of a blog that is helpful or inspiring for those trying to learn a language, I’m all ears keyboard. Happy blog browsing!

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