When You Need a Moment | Bowen Island, British Columbia

Snug Cove Bowen Island

I get antsy. It doesn’t take long either. It’s weird: I long to live in a place for longer than a couple years and really make it my home, but I also get extremely antsy. It had been approximately one month since our Okanagan getaway, and I’d had a brief escape to Steveston to run a half marathon (Thanks, Verena!), but I was still antsy. This blasted bougeotte, it really needs a fix. And when I’m saving my [already pretty generous and long-advanced-asked] vacation time for things in August and September, I need to find close escapes. Cheap escapes aren’t bad either.

Bowen Island fits the bill.

From Vancouver, you just get on the bus. Then hop the ferry. (Note: your ticket is round trip; there’s nowhere to buy a ticket on Bowen Island anyway). That means you’re spending only about 17 dollars to get here. That, folks, for those of us who don’t own vehicles, is cheap. And worth it.

Bowen Island

horseshoe bay snug cove ferry ride

We even attempted a boat selfie. We’ll work on our selfie focus in the future.

DSC_0150 (2)

The tourist’s Bowen Island is known for easy short hikes, kayaking, and paddle boarding. You’ll find all other requirements for the perfect day trip, including a couple nice restaurants with patios, ice cream, an adorable harbo[u]r with a couple quality restaurants. I, friends, recommend Shika Provisions, the healthy, rice bowl restaurant that practically greets you as you step off the ferry.

bowen island bc shika snug cove

From Snug Cove, it’s an easy walk to Killarney Lake, which comes complete with an easy loop trail for hiking (I say hiking, but this is more like strolling, to be honest).

bowen island killarney lake

The hike was full of giant BC slugs. These guys/gals are impressive in size and variety, but I did read that they are invasive and may be having negative effects on native slug and snail species. Still, I had fun finding them.

DSC_0158 (2) DSC_0152 (2)

Nerd, I am.

Our hike was certainly needed, but now that I’ve visited Bowen Island, I’m certain that kayaking would be a great way to see the island. I intend to return at least once before I no longer call BC my home. Maybe twice. Maybe thrice. All depends on that bougeotte.

bowen island view from garden