Hey. I’m Cassandra.

I love it all. This has always been my problem and this has always been my strength. I love books, travel, libraries, food and food culture, learning French, history, sociology, music, learning Spanish, visiting museums, teaching English, geography. You get the idea. Anything related to the exploring new places either physically through travel or learning about a place’s history and culture at a distance–through language, food, literature, or movies. In a nutshell, I like learning about cultures. And that is what this blog is about. All of it.

the rest of l’histoire is a personal blog where I collect, organize, and share the things I learn about my own culture and about other cultures. I share travel photos and stories, language learning updates, vocab lists for other French or Spanish learners, any ESL activities I create for classes that might be beneficial for others, library visits. I share the results of my food projects (e.g. Persian food month), book and movie recommendations, little lists of historical tidbits.

I know that this makes the blog everything they say a blog shouldn’t be. It doesn’t fill one tiny, previously unfilled niche of the blogosphere. But I know that I’m not the only person out there who enjoys learning about other cultures in this broad way. How? Because my sister does, too 🙂

Some of my favorite posts are:

About the Name

the rest of l’histoire comes from my love for the radio show The Rest of the Story hosted by Paul Harvey.

In the case of my blog, the “story” is whatever culture or aspect of a culture I choose to explore just a little more in depth. You know all of those times you said to yourself, “Now that’s something I’d like to learn a little more about,” or “I’ve always wanted to learn to cook Italian food,” or “How do they celebrate the New Year in ___?” I take that curiosity a step further. I try to learn a little bit more of the rest of the story.

Let’s learn the rest of the story. Bit by bit. Every day.

Since much of my blog, particularly in the earlier days, was focused on learning French, I swapped the story for the French equivalent l’histoire to reflect that. And obviously to avoid receiving a cease and desist letter.

About Me

I am originally from Wisconsin. My family is cool and has sheep and chickens. Sometimes a cow or two.

I am married to the coolest guy around. He’s from the Great Plains. We live in the Boston area and have a pet sourdough starter.

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Bonjour Cassie! So nice to “meet” you, especially since it seems like we share a lot of similarities–I was born in Oshkosh (my parents live in Green Bay), I used to teach ESL, and I work in a library now. And, oh yeah, the whole French learner thing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I look forward to perusing yours at greater length. Someday I will travel to Quebec with my family…..

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