Open a Torrentés or Malbec and Sing Along | 6 Spanish-language Songs We’re Loving Lately

spanish-language sing along
Where we’re staying in Tucumán (Horco Molle), we don’t have Internet or television in the house. I’ll admit that part of me finds the lack of Internet very frustrating. For example, cooking is much easier when we can simply google what we have and find a recipe by some other person who had the same things and made it work.

chat's wine bar

Still, the other part of me really enjoys not having Internet or television. Our nights generally consist of cooking (something we either know how to make or have saved a recipe for), eating, reading, chatting over a glass malbec or torrentés, and/or listening to music (or sometimes pre-downloaded podcasts) while working. You already know some of the songs that are on our French-language playlist, and since I’m still in the sharing mood, I’d thought I’d share some of our favorite Spanish-language songs as well. There are a couple more of these since the husband is also learning Spanish.  None are new; some are old; all are good for listening to while sipping Argentine wines.

Join me, won’t you?

Todo Cambia | Mercedes Sosa

She is the queen.

El Avion | Jose Conde

I always end up dancing like a fool.

Diablo Rojo | Rodrigo y Gabriela

Okay, I’m cheating. There aren’t words, but you won’t feel cheated in the least.

Chacarera del Violin | Nestor Garnica

This is definitely going to make you wish you could play the violin.

Lento | Julieta Venegas

Okay, this one’s mine, not Jordan’s. She sings just slow enough so that it feels like you might actually understand. (Perfect for a song named Lento, huh?) And you were beginning to think we were opposed to pop here. Nope.

And because I said I wasn’t opposed to pop…

The ¿Dónde éstan las ladrones? Album | Shakira

What? At least it’s old school Shakira, right? It takes me back to the 1990s and it is in Spanish! I mean yo quiero que vuelvas–that’s subjunctive, folks. That’s grammar 🙂

As always, I want suggestions for music! Let me know what I should be listening to in Spanish!