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Because language learning has been such a huge part of my life these past two years, it’s no surprise to find it here. In this humble section of my blogspace, I share updates of my progress with foreign language learning, and collect interesting and helpful resources or tips that have helped me along the way. Some posts that might help others who are interested are:

I, as you might have guessed, am a native English (of the North American variety) speaker. After spending seven years working in libraries, I made a career change and am now an ESL instructor at a private institution in Montreal. It’s challenging at times, exhausting at others, but mostly, I find myself thrilled to be getting paid to do it! Though at this time, I do not offer private lessons, I do currently meet for conversation exchange, so if you’re a French or Spanish speaker wanting to learn English, feel free to contact me to see if our schedules work. If you’re an ESL learner, check out the ESL feed by clicking here or the link above.

Top ESL Posts Include:

I started learning French about a month or so before I moved to Montreal in September 2012. Although I wouldn’t call myself fluent, I can hold my own and don’t intend to stop studying the language after leaving Quebec. At this point, I am progressing outside of a classroom, using television, music, free resources, and forcing co-workers/friends to answer my questions. I also meet with conversation partners about two  times per week.

To learn more about my French journey or the language itself, you can subscribe to the French feed (or click here). I recommend starting with these:

I’m also picking my old, rusty high school Spanish back up. Sure, my high school Spanish might have all-but-failed in the language learning department, but it did inspire me to travel and see more of the world. It’s been about eight years (since 2005–where does the time go!) since I made any real effort the language. That stopped in January of this year. As I progress, I’ll probably be adding a few more Spanish-related posts. So far, check out:

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